Failed Capitalism?

Capitalism has not failed you, we have failed capitalism. It may not be perfect, but very few things(if any) are.  A lot of people tend to think that Capitalism equals greed. I submit that is not so. Greed can and will be found in all types of economic systems. Wherever there is man, there is potential greed. Greed left unchecked is a monster in many forms. True Capitalism does not leave greed unchecked. Crony capitalism or Corporatism requires massive greed to grow unchecked.

True Capitalism requires individual responsibility. If we had real Capitalism many greedy businesses and people would not be so today. Real Capitalism would allow for real competition, and the over greedy would be rooted out. People tend to recognize over greedy and or bad behaviour. Most people when given a choice would prefer to do business with the less greedy. Therefore the more greedy would be forced by the free market to rethink, or go out of business. With limited competition comes ever-growing greed. When your Government treats Corporations like people , but does not hold the people who run the corporation accountable, you have increased potential for ever-growing greed. When we allow the unchecked greedy to give unchecked amounts of donations to our politicians we should expect greed there as well.

WE THE PEOPLE do not have to let that go unchecked. Real reform comes from involvement in local politics first. Not necessarily running for school board or city council, though that would help. Not necessarily with involvement in a political party, but rather for sensible, reasonable issues. Not voting for someone just because of the party, at the same time not discrediting someone because of the party. Get informed early, look outside of our two-party system and professional politicians, some very few are worthy, most seem not. Decide who you like and show support to that person before the parties tell you who you have to vote for. Do that for those votes you cast for those that represent you in Washington as well. Remember, they are our PUBLIC SERVANTS!

If we had real Capitalism employers who mistreat employees would not survive. They would not be allowed to hide behind the corporate structure. There would be more places to do similar work. People would recognize the mistreatment and not patronize those businesses. There would be much more competition in every aspect. The free market, if given options, will prevail. People have just as much, if not more power in their pocketbook as they have in their vote.

True Capitalism derives from personal capital. That is to say that which you have within you. Your guts, your drive, your work ethic, your ideas, and skills. That is capital that you have. It is up to you to make as much or as little with it as you can and or want. Capitalism allows for equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Capitalism allows for huge successes, as well as huge losses, but does not guarantee either. Capitalism does not allow for Government bailouts. Capitalism allows for unlimited competition, not for buying out your competition, then lobbying(paying) politicians to change the rules in your favor.

I am by no means saying we should not have laws for businesses or labor protection. I advocate for more sensical and fair laws that open up all sectors of businesses to increased opportunity for more competition. Overburdensome rules and regulations put in place after a more successful company or companies eliminate the competition, exempting existing conglomerate monopolies from the new rules(grandfathered in), stifles true Capitalism.

There is no other system in the history of man that allows for more opportunity for more people than what this country was supposed to be.

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4 responses to “Failed Capitalism?

  1. Sanity,

    I could not have said it any better, “Capitalism allows for equal opportunity, not equal outcome”. We have the constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not to be wealthy. If you are upset over the inequities of capitalism chances are you believe people should never struggle in life aka a Liberal. All people in this country can shape their lives in to what ever they want as long as they are willing to persevere and sacrifice to achieve their goals. Their are no short cuts in life, socialism comes at a far greater price then the inequities of capitalism.

    • Thank you Conservamind.

      Sadly, currently there are a lot of short cuts in life, for those that know the who, how, and where to find them. It is those unfair shortcuts that have created the sense in some of not being able to achieve ones dreams. While blame is being pushed onto capitalism, the real responsibility lies within. Allowing the ever-growing unchecked greed to infiltrate our political system is the reason for many of the issues of today. Not letting capitalism hold accountable those that do misdeeds, has led to a societal collapse of individual responsibility for ones actions.

  2. I would rather say failed liberal democracy, because capitalism is achieving its goals.

    In all countries, including the USA, Greece, and Spain, there are considerable portion of the population of each generation that might be labeled as the “Half-wayers”. These are the unsuccessful but still they are grateful and defendant of the socio-economic system in place. They are mostly of older ages, but still you can find them in less ambitious youth.

    The Half-wayers are middle-classers who feel indebted to the unjust and corrupt system because deep in their hearts and minds they believe that they have achieved and acquired more than what they fairly and normally deserve. This kind of people might not be corrupt; but they assume that without such system they would have been ruined and abject losers. This is the only reason why they defend the system meekly and brutally; or at least fear and reject any movement that might bring possible change.

    • Capitalism has no goals. Men have goals.

      It has been and continues to be the best system our species has developed. However man’s irresponsible greed has allowed for the individual responsibility ingrained in capitalism to be ignored. The rules allow for the corruption, as I said unchecked greed. Your “Half-wayers” might just understand that under any other economic system, the individual is meaningless. Personal achievement is not encouraged. They would not be where they are today. Rather they would likely be destined for destitude. In that you are right, they fear that change, as they should.

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