Mad at wall street?

Are you mad at Wall street for the condition of the country? Well you are partially correct, and very close to the answer.

How is it that the banks and corporations were able to do what has been done? Because they were allowed to do it(legally). Because our politicians keep changing the laws. Both parties do it, and have been for a long time before Bush or Obama. Now, if you want to stop the banks, change the rules.

You want to stop the buying off of politicians? Here are a few things that would be a good first step in that direction. Capitalism is and should be our ECONOMIC system, NOT our GOVERNMENT system.

1. Institute term limits. 8 years maximum for any and all nationally elected servants. If two 4 year terms are enough for any one man to hold the highest elected public servant office of President, that should also hold true for other public servants in lesser offices.

2. Eliminate ALL company and non-profit contributions to political candidates. Only private U.S. citizens should be allowed to donate to any U.S. political candidate, and donations should have an individual donor cap.

3. Eliminate ALL PAID corporate and non-profit lobbyists. Our elected officials are there to serve us, We The People, not anything or anybody else.

4. Eliminate the need for candidates to have to buy advertising to campaign. During election times, media should have the choice to participate. If they wish to participate, then they should provide free equal air time to all political candidates. Local media providing for local elections, and national media providing for national elections.

By no means is this complete, and each point as always needs refining. I feel these simple steps would go a long way in starting to solve some of the issues we have created.

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